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Free Generation 18th-19th Jan

The Mid-January promotion starts on the 18th and runs for two days. Remember, this is on "Amazon Time" so starts sometime late on the 18th if you're in the UK. And did I mention, the promotion price is £0.00

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GeNeRATION - Deleted Scenes

I'm putting together a collection of deleted scenes from Generation. This is for both die-hard fans of Hendrix Harrison and to illuminate the writing/editing process. 

As an author, it’s instructive to read about the experiences of others and particularly instructive to realise that, no matter at which stage of the novel production process you find yourself, you are not alone. Generation went through a long development stage, and more drafts than I care to think about. Over its eight year gestation, I think the book was entirely replaced -- regenerated if you like -- at least three times.

The collection comprises of a range of scenes that were cut from early drafts, and also a few that so nearly made it. Each scene is preceded by my own comments on why it was cut and any other observations that seem relevant. 

I'll be putting a new one up from time to time, so check back. I hope you enjoy them.




So after much umming and aahhing, I have decided to delay putting out Foretold. It's a great book, but then I've had some feedback on the manuscript and realise I need to put in more work than I thought was necessary. So, that means I'm going to get another Hendrix Harrison novel out first.

Probably not a bad thing, they say that serials and follow-ups are the way to go these days with the first half a dozen books as loss leaders for the seventh best seller  (I hope it's not that many).

I'll keep you posted as things progress.


YES! You read correctly. Generation or GeNeRATION if you prefer is free for today 30th June 2012.  Okay, so it's the kindle edition and not the paperback, but who's complaining. 

Get yours now...


Virtual Blog Tour Goes Live

This month I'm conducting a virtual book tour with Novel Publicity. For the next three weeks the book, or me, or both will be featured on a different blog site every day. Please check out the review each day, support the blogger and leave a comment. Tour details are at this page....

The current breed of really good sci fi


Generation is a scifi page turner that presents a horrifying vision of what the advances of science may bring...

Read the review here:  really good sci fi

Goodreads Generation Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Generation by William  Knight


by William Knight

Giveaway ends March 18, 2012.

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Reads like a fast paced thriller

I'm not a horror fan at all, but I didn't want to put Generation down. William Knight has produced a great story, with well developed, interesting and believable characters and an absorbing plot.

The truly horrific bits are definitely chilling, and I suspect they will stay on my mind for years, but they don't dominate the story.

Most of the story reads more like a fast paced thriller. If you enjoy Tom Clancy, David Baldacci or Richard North Patterson you may well enjoy William Knight!

Barker, Herbert; even early King - Mark Cordory

Having read the book and knowing this was the authors' first novel, I have to say that this reads like the work of a novelist who's had a number of books under his belt rather than it being his first. 

A lot of first time authors feel awkward and unconvincing, just learning their craft - but at times this book felt on par with authors such as Barker, Herbert and possibly even early King - this is an author worth watching I suspect.

Superficially this is a zombie book, but it's approached from an imaginative angle which places it more into the medical horror/detective genre. You'll probably never have read a book that approaches the 'walking dead' concept in such a unique (and at times quite heartbreaking) manner as this.

The science and characterisation are compelling, the storytelling confident - I didn't feel the jolt of poor writing once. It would make a great film.

I look forward to the next one - so support this new author in this digital world and download a copy, I'll be interested to see what he comes up with next...